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Whitton Corner Pharmacy


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Open till 6:30pm weekdays

Prescription Collection Service

You can order and collect your medicines direct via Whitton Corner Pharmacy and you won't have to wait while your medicines are dispensed!

Step 1:  Pop in and see us to complete your details on a form or via www.whittoncornerpharmacy.com

Step 2:  Order your prescriptions in-person, over the phone or via our website.   We will collect it from your GPs and have your medication ready to collect 3 working days later.

Step 3:  We will send you a free text message to inform you that your medication is ready to be collected.  Alternatively we can deliver FREE of charge.

We visit all GP surgeries in the area on a daily basis to collect prescriptions so the pharmacy can be used by all patients nearby.  Please see below for more information on our range of other services.

Order prescriptions online 24/7 at www.whittoncornerpharmacy.com

Night night, sleep tight, don't let the head lice bite!

It's that time of the year again, when children are all back at school and the head lice are just waiting to strike!

We offer a wide range of fantastic products to help prevent and eradicate headlice including the all new Head Lice Repellent Spray.  Pop in to seek advice from our staff for you and all the family.

Our Services

Free Delivery Service:

No restrictions! - available to ALL patients within a 3 mile radius of Whitton Corner.

Monitored Dosage Boxes:

If you or someone you care for struggles to remember to take all their medicines we can help.  We offer a wide range of free services to help make it easier for you, from reminder charts to large print labels to Monitored Dosage Systems, where we provide your medicines in pre-packed trays that state what day and time your medicines should be taken (in accordance with your doctors instructions).

Private Flu Vaccinations: (from October 2014)

For those not eligible for free NHS vaccines.  Appointments not always necessary.

Weight Management:

Originally only available through GPs, we now offer the LIPOTRIM WEIGHT MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME.  Please ask in store for details.

Blood Pressure Monitoring:

Free walk in service.

Blood Glucose and cholesterol checks:

Walk in service and appointments.  Charge applies.

Pro biotic:

We sell a wide range of specialist pro biotic (Optibac) for conditions ranging from: bloating and indegestion to diarrhoea to anti-biotic related side effects.

NHS Funded Services

Stop Smoking Service:

A walk in service that provides advice, support and nicotine replacement products directly without the need for a GP appointment.  Carbon monoxide testing included.

Medicines MOTs

An annual sit down chat with our pharmacist to help answer any questions you have and ensure you get the best out of your medication e.g. how they work, when to take them, side effects etc and answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

New Midicines Service

If you are started on a new medicine for a long term condition such as high blood pressure, asthma or type 2 diabetes, this service provides structured ongoing support in the form of 3 consultations with a pharmacist over a period of four weeks to enable you to get the most out of your new medicine and resolve any problems.

Sexual Health Service:

Free emergency hormonal contraception for 15-24 year olds.  Chlamydia and Gonorrhea screening plus treatment.

Flu Vaccination: (from October 2014)

For anyone eligible for NHS flu vaccines, we will be offering a free walk in service, appointment not always necessary.

Safe Disposal of Unwanted Medication:

Phone us to collect if you can't make it to a pharmacy - don't just bin them!